About Us - Our Team

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Our team of teachers is one of the best in the coaching field. We bring passion and excellence in equal measure to the lives of our students.
  • Our team comes qualified to cover Technical & Medical courses.
  • We have nurtured a steady number of rank holders who have occupied first and second ranks on a national scale.
  • Oral coaching for correspondence as well as regular students is available through our team.
  • We tutor with a modern touch. Computer access and trained professionals, including the teachers making up our team, are present at our coaching center.
  • Our team aims to help nurture and strengthen the minds of young men and women who will learn to think and innovate using the education system to the best possible extent.

Professors’ View

As a visiting Professor, I teach at several coaching classes and I have clearly observed that Radiiance educircle is one of the Best & Reliable Science Classes on GB Road, Thane. It has the following Merits: 1) All Highly Experienced Professors under one roof 2) Teaching Methodology as per students' requirement 3)0utstanding Assignment system

My observations about Radiiance:l) Meticulous planning of every detail from time table to syllabus completion 2)Focus on not just academic but also overall growth of students 3)Excellent support staff that handles staff as well as students 4)Beforehand preparations of students to handle situations in a better way.