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Radiiance educircle

On behalf of our entire staff, I welcome you to Radiiance Educircle. Being in the teaching business for years now, I can truly understand the hardships students these days undergo due to lack of appropriate guidance. Adding up to their discomfort is the lack of time. Get them out of this unpleasant situation is our experienced team of teachers constantly working towards constructing the most effective and easy-to-understand course material, thereby helping students to overcome their academic frustrations.

It is a privilege for me to work with a team that remains dedicated towards helping students in every way possible, thereby offering them the most needed academic support. Together we try to build an environment that facilitates learning but in a fun way.

Radiiance educircle at Kapurbawdi has proved to be a heavenly boon to hundreds of students for XI-XII Science on GB Road, specially from the  middle class and lower middle class pockets in and around  Manpada, Nalpada & Majiwade areas of Thane city. With the rising inflation, the daily wage labourers find iit very difficult to give the much needed education to their children.

This is where Radiance comes to their rescue. They have special batches for such students who study at very meagre fees without compromising on the quality. The Director proudly admits that atleast 9 out of 13 such students (upto Batch 2008) have realized their dreams of becoming an Engineer or Doctor or Professional and have improved the Quality of their LIFE.