Academic Records

Our coaching center has churned out some of the brightest minds in academia. With our structured approach to education and the school curriculum in specific, we help students understand the need to be mindful of what they’re learning so they can apply it in all walks of life.

Our academic records, past and present, are listed below along with exam and test results held at our center. Browse through using apt student details to see just how much progress we’ve made since our inception.
XII Results (2014)

XII Science Highests So Far
Computer  Science Result Mas. Ravi Yadav (XII) 191 / 200
Mas. Roshan Chauhan (XI) 192 / 200
IT Result Vrushali Mukadam (XII)
MH College
PCMB % Dhananjay Jagtap
Dnyansadhana College

XI Result (2014)
1st Rank
Roshan Chauhan
People’s Education College
Thane (E)
1st Rank
Priya Bagal
GSS College

XI Highest 2014
Maths 98 Prajakta Gidde NKT College
Physics 85 Durgesh Singh NKT College
Chemistry 92 Roshan Chauhan PEST College
Biology 88 Durgesh Singh NKT College