Academic Events

Academic Events
Image Credit: University College Cork

Encouraging the learning spirit is a most fruitful decision and at our coaching center students will find we have keen academic  events to help encourage their progress and make learning fun.
  • Debates – Students form teams and debate about existing and fresh theories and ideas to nurture their curiosity and see where the flow takes them.
  • Quizzes – Keeping them on their feet and facts right at the edge of their minds, our quizzes are structured to enhance retention of study concepts while making the process fun.
  • Contests – This is certain to help stoke the competitive spirit in our students.
  • Team Projects – Working together is a universal boon and there are few instances in life where great things can be achieved, one of them being academics.
  • Seminars – Lectures and talks from expert faculty or visiting persons provide great stimuli for our students who are eager to learn more about their favorite subjects and craft a stronger foundation for themselves and their future.