About Us

RADllANCE educircle, Coaching Centre for XI-XII SCIENCE and ENTRANCE EXAMS for TECHNICAL & MEDICAL fields, started in 2005, has become a popular institution on Ghodbunder Road and boasts at present of more than 250 students from 28 colleges in and around Thane City. Recently, it has come up with a New Branch at Majiwade, especially for GSS students. The institution runs under the watchful eyes of Director Prof. Jaiprakash Ramakrishnan, Motivator and a Mentor to all the students.

"Justice to all" says the Director helps you to run a Coaching Class successfully. Being empathetic to Students, Parents, Teachers and the Support Staff is a key factor in the progress of any coaching institution.

Today the education system is going through a lot of changes. In an effort to centralize the admission process for Technical or Medical fields, the syllabus of the Maharashtra Board is being regularly upgraded and hence students are under stress.
The Colleges have their own problems in completion of portion, conducting tests and presenting results amidst all the curricular and co-curricular activities.

Factors affecting Results
  • The major problem for students is the TIME FACTOR for Self Study. They find it difficult to juggle themselves between college studies, class studies and family time apart from other specialized co-curricular extra classes.
  • The Family and Local background too plays an important role.
  • Choice of Friends also affects their performance.
  • Students from non-English mediums have their own issues. So, Coaching Centre’s have become a must today, as they smartly tackle all these problems and helps the students achieve their Dreams.
Be Aware
Parents and students should be aware of Small time coaching classes which try to imitate well known coaching classes, irrespective of their efficiency and compromise much needed QUALITY for less fees and spoil the childs future. Sometimes, it also ends up with a section of the student community fearing -to take admission to Science stream after seeing the setbacks of their siblings.
Always check up with the ex-students before joining any coaching classes.

Achievement Consistent Growth
Starting with ( 21 students in 2005) to (80+ in 2009)to (100+ in 2011) and maintaining it still with 121 students at present and still more admissions to come..
Our students topped Colleges like N.K .T.(Aided and Unaided), G.S .S., S .B.J., St. Johns & IDUBS in HSC Board Exam.

Our Highest in HSC Exam
Maths 98/100,    Physics 96/100,    Chemistry 93/100,    Biology 92/100.

Our Highest in XI Sci. College Exams
100% in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

116 students have enrolled themselves to Technical, Medical, Architectural , Pharmaceutical l and other Technical Courses of which 18 (up to Batch 2009) have completed their course and have secured jobs or set up their own business besides many others who are pursuing their Graduation or Diplomas.